What is Notaviva?

NOTAVIVA is the intrinsic effect of music upon human emotion.

From the Italian:

nota - music note
viva - with life

The term was conceived for an Internet venture in 1999. Notaviva.com is a Web site devoted to the online distribution of sheet music. The original goal was to design a word that could capture the essence of music's effect on human emotion. For instance, how would you describe the rush experienced when your favorite song comes on the radio, and the reflex as you reach for the volume? What causes the sadness when a love song brings back the memories of a long-lost romance? Explain the tingle on your skin during the finale of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, or the tear in your eye during Puccini's "Nessun Dorma."

That connection, that feeling is Notaviva.

Our goal in the founding of our vineyard is to capture that feeling and put it in our wines. Be it joy or sadness, we endeavor to create wines that will connect our patrons with their occasions. To that end, we shall name our wines with appropriate musical terminology. From our Vincerò Viognier to our Cantabile Cabernet Franc our wines shall seek to convey a wide range of emotions to enhance the enjoyment of both the wines and the moment.

What Does the Logo Represent?

We literally spent years pondering, sketching, researching, designing and re-designing logos in search of the appropriate combination of symbolism and metaphor. The most prominent symbols are:

  • An eighth note stem, representing music.
  • A star representing America. In particular, the star is based on a folk art representation, which conveys "Americana" - the notion of craftsmanship, natural materials, and an honest day's work.
  • A "swoosh" representing technology and forward movement.

Of course, there are many deeper, more personal layers to the logo. Stop by and we'll be happy to share.

Spreading the Word

In addition to our passion for music, we are also driven to promote the appreciation and consumption of wine in the United States. Current research indicates that many Americans:

  • perceive wine as an "occasional" beverage only to be consumed at special dinners, parties, or holidays
  • are intimidated by the "mysterious" rituals associated with opening a bottle
  • feel limited by the "rules" of wine/food pairings, not realizing many of these are obsolete
  • form a mental connection where "wine = snobbery" thus it can't be cool or hip

Due to these reasons and a myriad of others, the US ranks 36th worldwide based on per capita consumption of wine. We are confident that we can contribute to the growth of our industry as we hone our viticulture and winemaking skills, allowing Virginia wines to succeed here in our great country as well as in the international marketplace. Wine has a long history in Virginia, from the unsuccessful attempts at winemaking by the Jamestown colonists in 1609, to the efforts of Thomas Jefferson, to the newly focused Virginia wine industry. Mr. Jefferson would be proud indeed to see the current state of Virginia's wines.

Wine - Music - America

Read our trademark - head to the US Patent and Trademark Office and search trademarks for "NOTAVIVA."