Notaviva Vineyards 2010 World Music Festival

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don't miss Notaviva WorldFest 2010!!! In an attempt to honor those who were lost on 9/11 we feel compelled to bring together world cultures through "musical diplomacy" created with wine, music, art and cuisine.

Imagine the setting - an outdoor music stage nestled against the timber frame tasting room with the best in regional world music, artisans selling heirloom-quality art, a charitable cause including a food drive, various types of cuisine and our own fresh-baked goods. All this plus rural mountain landscapes in prime harvest season - what better way to spend a gorgeous September afternoon!!!


Festival & Music PLUS Wine Tasting - $15 - Buy Now

  • General admission lawn seating
  • Includes wine tasting (seven wines)
  • Wines will be available for purchase by the glass and by the bottle

Festival & Music Only - $10 - Buy Now

  • General admission lawn seating
  • Great for those who just want to buy wine and enjoy the music. Also underage guests and designated drivers!
  • Does NOT include wine tasting
  • Wines will be available for purchase by the glass and by the bottle

Children 10 and under are FREE!
Seniors 70 and over are FREE! (Does not include wine tasting.)

Tickets purchased in advance will be held at will call - you must present ID to receive your tickets.


11:00 am      Vineyard grounds open
12:30 pm      Conor Malone (Irish)
2:00 pm      Set change
2:15 pm      Hillbilly Gypsies (Appalachian Old Time / Hard Drivin' Bluegrass)
3:45 pm      Set change
4:00 pm      Beleza Brasil (Samba / Funk / Soul / Blues / Bossa / Lounge)
5:30 pm      Set change
6:00 pm      The Greenbeets (Funk / Reggae / Blues / Soul)
7:30 pm      Music ends
8:30 pm      Last call!
9:00 pm      Event concludes - vineyard grounds closed


  • Visibly intoxicated patrons will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • Picnics are allowed, however food will be available for purchase onsite.
  • To ensure clear sightlines for the enjoyment of all patrons, only blankets will be allowed for seating on the lawns adjacent to the stage and tasting room.
  • Lawn chairs are allowed and encouraged at the pondside seating areas, as well as in the field between the parking area and the stage.
  • Parking is "mowed field" only with limited handicapped parking near the tasting room.

Event is rain or shine. All ticket sales are final. Notaviva Vineyards LLC management reserves the right, without the refund of any portion of the ticket purchase price, to refuse admission or to eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be intoxicated, disorderly, who uses vulgar or abusive language, or who fails to comply with the rules of the venue. Please respect the venue and the environment, and avoid litter.

Event produced by
Mesh Multimedia


The Greenbeets

The GreenbeetsThe chicken pot pie is one of the greatest inventions of all time. The brain-size for the type of person who created such a legendary meal had to have been enormous. By cleverly taking chicken, vegetables, and gravy (each delicious on their own) and stuffing them into a flaky pie-crust (also delicious on its own), this half-person, half-genius managed to change the culinary world forever.

The Greenbeets are the chicken pot pie of the music world. Each band member stands alone as a musician (just as the celebrated ingredients mentioned above). This is not a right that is gained simply by just having talent; rather, it is one that is earned only after years of perfecting and then owning that respective talent. By combining the seasoned flavors of four of the most cultivated musicians in the Washington, DC area, The Greenbeets have created a groove so savory that it will inevitably change the catalog of songs you choose to sing in the shower. Together, they naturally bring about the best in their audience as well as in each other as musicians, as performers, and most certainly as friends. This is the vital secret behind the recipe for The Greenbeets. The proof is in the pie.

Visit The Greenbeets on Facebook.

Listen to the new album on MySpace.

Beleza Brasil

Beleza BrasilUnited by musical interests that include samba, funk, soul, blues, bossa, jazz and Spanish flamenco; Humberto Oliveira Sales and Madeline Holly Sales joined forces to blend the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic riches from North and South America. They met at the Federal University of Bahia in Salvador, Bahia Brazil. Berto, native to Salvador, brought all of the rhythmic riches of what attracts so many international tourists to the hip-swinging, samba shaking streets of Brazil during carnival. His formal education in classical guitar and study of Spanish Flamenco added the elegance and poise that is so undeniable when he enters the stage. Madeline brought with her the strong influence of soul, jazz and blues. She sings in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Her sensual, rich voice, playful interpretations and strong stage presence make their combination extremely unique. They are accompanied by Dave Berzonsky on bass guitar and Matt Wyatt on drums. Guest aritsts include Jeff Decker on saxophone, Robert Jospe on drums, Eric Gertner on percussion, Tony Costa on percussion, Mestre Panao on percussion.

Madeline and Berto have performed in Brazil, Turkey, Austria, and the United States. They currently reside in Charlottesville, VA. Their first album was recorded in Brazil with a full band and combines the riches from both Brazilian and American culture.

Visit Beleza Brasil's website.

The Hillbilly Gypsies

The Hillbilly GypsiesThe Hillbilly Gypsies are a West Virginia native string band who specialize in playing their own homegrown style of Appalachian old time music, mixed with a hard drivin' bluegrass sound. In addition to their original material, The Hillbilly Gypsies play an eclectic mix of traditional and quite often, not-so-traditional bluegrass standards and catchy old fiddle tunes.

The Hillbilly Gypsies are best appreciated jamming at a live show. They perform in the old fashioned style, around a single vintage style large diaphragm microphone. This "Old Timey" approach adds a high energy barn party atmosphere to their show. Watching the whole band work around the mic is like taking a trip back in time. It'll sure make you want to get up and dance!

Visit The Hillbilly Gypsies's website.

Conor Malone

Conor MaloneIn 1991 while busking in downtown Ennis, Conor was playing some Neil Young and Bob Dylan songs when a passerby stopped and started singing the songs along with Conor, knowing all of the lyrics. The bearded middle aged, heavy set man claimed to be personal friends with Young and Dylan and left Conor a $100 tip in his guitar case. Making an impression on Conor, he thought he would never forget his face and later that year, while looking at an American friend's album collection, Conor saw this generous tipper's picture. It was non other than Jerry Garcia from the "Grateful Dead"!

Conor moved to the United States in 1992 where his son Lua was born and performed in the Washington, DC area for a year. He then moved back to Ireland and performed with various artists in Ireland and France. In 1994, Conor moved back to the US again and settled in Washington, DC where he currently plays locally in the Washington metro area and along the east coast in Irish pubs and festivals.

Visit Conor Malone's website.


ParfectionsParfections Handmade Gourmet Truffles

Parfections' Chocolates are scrumptiously different and here you have discovered the ultimate. Our chocolates are created with great skill and artistry using only the best natural ingredients from around the world. We currently produce a range of different truffles, a selections of our handcrafted chocolate barks, chocolate dipped dried fruits, a wide range of theme chocolates, along with a number of seasonal items.

Visit their website.

Kristen SwansonKristen K. Swanson

Award-winning ceramics from White House Ceramic Studios.

Visit Kristen's website.

ReGreen Nature PhotographyReGreen Nature Photography

Dan and Rebecca Greenberg are passionate about Nature Photography. In their travels throughout the US and Europe, they have captured many beautiful, inspiring, tranquil and thoughtful pictures. Their catalog includes trees, flowers, wildlife, lighthouses and landscapes. For each photograph purchased a donation will be made to American Forests to plant a tree.

Visit their website.

Elizabeth Potter-HallElizabeth Potter-Hall

Liz's work combines precious metals, stones, plastics, glass or whatever shiny object catches her eye. Her designs are contemporary, combining both organic and geometric forms. She considers each one of her pieces a little piece of fine art!

Visit Liz's website.

Additional Artists In the Works!!!


Big Mike's BBQBig Mike's BBQ

Amazing slow-cooked pulled pork and chicken BBQ served up hot from the big man himself!!!


Loudoun Interfaith relief

The mission of Loudoun Interfaith Relief, Inc. is simple, yet critically important: feed the hungry by providing emergency food assistance to those in need to any person or family living in Loudoun County.

  • Established in 1991
  • Largest food pantry in Loudoun County
  • Provides food to prepare three nutritionally-balanced meals for three days
  • Non-food items provided on an as-available basis
  • Trained staff and volunteers utilize the food pyramid to design healthy meals
  • Several staff members are certified food handlers
  • Requires clients to provide Loudoun County proof of residency (or referral) and identification
  • Affiliated with the Lord Fairfax Food Bank located in Winchester, VA


  1. Cereal
  2. 100% juice
  3. Peanut butter
  4. Jelly
  5. Canned meats (tuna and chicken)
  6. Canned fruit
  7. Canned corn
  8. Canned beans
  9. Canned peas
  10. Chef Boyardee products.

Visit the Loudoun Interfaith Relief website.

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