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November 27, 2004

Bush Hawging Agin

OK wireless broadband Internet is totally cool! Roadstar got us hooked up last night. Connectivity is great - I got a "T1 Lite" package - guaranteed 128k up/down and up to 1.5M up/down. So I had to verify that my VPN was working and of course there was a crisis at work - CEO needed some files updated for an investor roadshow. Ack - can't say no to that! So I made the edits, and was going to FedEx them this morning on CD but no one could come up with the hotel address for Monday before the noon dropoff deadline this morning. Oh well it all worked out OK.

So at noon it was time to take off the hat with the little propeller on top and put on my VT hokie ball cap and git back to some bush hawging!!! We didn't clear enough in preparation for the vineyard marking, so I had to finish that plus mow the entire perimeter where the deer fence will be installed. Got into some ugly bushes and found a boulder or two but it all got done. So time to call it a day - will finish the marking tomorrow...

Posted by Stephen at November 27, 2004 3:44 PM