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November 6, 2004

Doug's First Visit

This morning we enjoyed our first onsite meeting with Doug Fabbioli. He came by for two hours - first order of business was proper introductions and a bit of history exchange. After we chatted for a while he said "You seem to be very driven, I get the impression that even if I tried to talk you out of this you'd go ahead and do it anyway..."

Yeah, pretty much.

So we skipped that part and headed out to the vineyard. Doug seemed encouraged by the topography of the site we've selected for the initial planting, and left us with several "homework" tasks to get done before we can start marking out the vineyard, scheduled for Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Shannon will have to get some bushhogging done while I'm in Connecticut, and Doug will be back to take soil samples so we can evaluate the conditions and add the proper amendments in the next few weeks.

Doug has a lot of great information and lots of local contacts, but most importantly has a very easy-going manner about him which makes him easy to talk to, ask questions, etc. We never sensed any condescension, just an enthusiasm about the project, and a feeling of a "shared vision" kind of like "let's do this right the first time!"

Looking forward to our next workday, which will be a big one - marking out the 8 acres for deer fencing, then marking out the 4 acres for planting.

Posted by Stephen at November 6, 2004 11:59 AM