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November 28, 2004

Three Acres Marked

So maybe you'll recall several entries ago we said we were going to install four acres. Then we bought vines for two. And guess what - according to the geometry of the vineyard three acres works out to be the most efficient configuration. The front portion of our land has about seven usable acres of which we've decided (based on topography and geometry) to break up into two three-acre blocks.

So 36 rows spaced at 9' = 324'
At a row length of 400' that is an area of 129,600 sq. ft.

An acre is 4,840 sq. yds. so

129,600 / 4,840 / 9 (convert from sq. yds. to sq. ft.) = 2.98 acres

Looks like we need to order some more vines!

So my mom came out and helped Shannon and I lay out the last 200' of stakes. Quite a sight that Mickey - out in the field with her $200 Santa hat by Ignacious (reknowned folk artist) marching around with bamboo stakes like she was the drum major of a marching band. OK so maybe this isn't how they do it in the Rhone valley in France but the hell with them - they don't know what they're missing. So Shannon and I worked the measuring tapes and placed the bamboo whilst mom put on the marking tape. An enjoyable morning was had by all and we finished up marking out the first block. Have a look.

Have to say though, I'm thinking about getting a laser level for the next three acres...

Posted by Stephen at November 28, 2004 3:54 PM


Thank you so much for the wonderful description of me "working the fields". I truly did have a good time. When all this comes to fruition, I certainly will be able to say I was there from the beginning and will have your comments to back me up (just in case no one believes me). Even if you do get a laser level, MY job of putting on the marking tape cannot be replaced. Thanks for a fun day.
Love, Mom

Posted by: Mickey Mackey at December 1, 2004 10:13 PM