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February 27, 2005

First (half) Trellis

So since I'm starting a new job tomorrow I figure what better way to get myself prepared than by laboring for a while in the vineyard. Clears the head. The day started off assembling my new tool, a 3-point post hole digger. We needed the digger to place posts for the deer fence that will surround the perimeter of the vineyard, but in addition I have to move the vines that we planted last year (since we've reconfigured our row and vine spacings.) I'll also be hiring a local farm service to pound in the bulk of the trellis posts in April once we've planted, but I decided to go ahead and build one row of trellis in order to get the vines moved.

I got the digger assembled and attached to the tractor, then I figured what better place to test it out than right in the middle of the front yard! Check it out.

Then it was time to head out to the vineyard and actually try it out on a line post. It works great - takes about 20-30 seconds to dig a 9-inch hole two feet deep. Drop in the post, level it and tamp down the surrounding soil and voila - a post in the ground. Have a look.

Once I got into a groove progress went pretty quickly. Basically I mark the spots, dig all the holes, distribute the posts, line them up, level them, then tamp down the backfill soil. Most of the posts aren't exactly straight, so it plays tricks on your eyes sometimes and you spend extra time deciding which way to orient the post. Took about two hours to do half the trellis - here's how it turned out.

Had to quit early to head over to my cousins place for her daughter Marissa's birthday party - she turned 5. Marissa was the flower girl in our wedding, so she has a special bond with Shannon, and it was great to see everyone. For sure I would have stayed out in the vineyard all day and worked myself to a pulp, so the break will be much appreciated tomorrow during the first day on the job!

Posted by Stephen at February 27, 2005 9:52 PM