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February 8, 2005

First LWA Meeting

Tonight we participated in our first Loudoun Winegrower's Association meeting, held at beautiful Hillsborough Vineyards - thanks to Bora, Zeynap, and Kerem for hosting such a great meeting. It was great to meet so many of the people we have been hearing and reading about over the last few years while we've been gearing up for our own planting this spring. We were introduced as new growers, and everyone was very encouraging and supportive, making us feel right at home from the start.

One of the main topics of discussion was the Web site, so I offered up my services to work with Dean on re-architecting the site and developing new content. Lots of work to be done, both for expanding our ability to share knowledge with each other, as well as increasing the marketing value of the site to inform potential customers of our efforts in bringing Loudoun to the forefront of the Virginia wine industry.

We also had the opportunity to visit with Mark Fedor, winemaker for Waterford Vineyards. Mark is also the COO for our ISP Roadstar Internet so we are able to connect on several levels!

Earlier today I had stopped into the Loudoun government building in Leesburg, and finally met Warren Howell, who we've spoken to several times in the past few years regarding our land use. Warren helps landowners and local farmers connect, and this is how we met Mike Reed who is placing cows on our land this spring. It was great talking to Warren about our backgrounds, and our plans for the vineyard and tasting room - he seemed very excited about our focus on wines and music. Very knowledgeable about both our industry and the county, Warren is also in the LWA so Shannon got to meet him tonight.

I could go on and on about everything we talked about, but I'll close by saying it was a great first experience, and we're excited about finally being on the scene and feel we'll be able to contribute a lot to the future of the industry.

Posted by Stephen at February 8, 2005 10:21 PM