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February 21, 2005


Finally found my handheld GPS unit after the move from CT, so I got the opportunity to record some position data in the vineyard. First order of business was to double-check our row orientation. Using the navigate feature I walked the center row and confirmed that our rows are oriented in a due SE direction, heading 135 degrees.

Next task was to record the positions of the data loggers, in order to better analyze the temperature and relative humidity differences that occur.

View the layout of the data loggers, and learn more about the data loggers in the January 11th entry.

Next task was to record the positions of all vineyard perimeter corners, both to establish distances for calculating deer fencing requirements, as well as calculating the total area contained by the deer fence. Calculating the distance between main fencing posts turned out to be quite simple using the GPS unit waypoint feature. As I drove the perimeter, I just had to stop at each corner, and set the location as a waypoint. Then once I moved to the next corner, I set the new waypoint, then checked the distance from the previous waypoint. I continued in this manner around the entire vineyard perimeter and created this table:

Corner Latitude Longitude Distance
1 N 39° 15.263 W 077° 44.753 0 ft.
2 N 39° 15.204 W 077° 44.651 600 ft.
3 N 39° 15.170 W 077° 44.629 234 ft.
4 N 39° 15.144 W 077° 44.644 174 ft.
5 N 39° 15.134 W 077° 44.658 80 ft.
6 N 39° 15.136 W 077° 44.706 201 ft.
7 N 39° 15.160 W 077° 44.732 204 ft.
8 N 39° 15.216 W 077° 44.801 462 ft.
1 N 39° 15.263 W 077° 44.753 374 ft.

Thus the total perimeter is approximately 2,329 feet, and figuring a fence post every 25 feet means we'll be putting up somewhere between 95-105 posts depending on topography etc. plus extra for the corner bracing structures.

The GPS unit also has a nice area calculator, whereby you basically drive the perimeter again and it gives you the area, which in this case turned out to be 7.75 acres. This confirmed my earlier calculations which I had made using a 300' tape measure and a lot of walking...

Posted by Stephen at February 21, 2005 2:34 PM