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April 15, 2005

Final Preparations

So tomorrow is the big day! While I was at work today, Mike Newland (our planting consultant) was towing his tractor and a rental tree planter to the vineyard. Our tractor isn't large enough to support the tree planter that we're using to quicky plant the vines, thus we're using his. We met Mike at the LWA meeting a few months back.

I have a few chores tonight to take care of to make sure we're ready. First I had to swing by Home Depot to pick up (4) 5-gallon buckets which we'll use tomorrow to mix the root dip, a pre-planting mixture that prevents root shock and gives extra nutrients to the root system.

The vines arrived yesterday, and our neighbors Karelyn and Jerry were kind enough to keep them at their house overnight. I had to run over with the tractor and get them - they arrived packed in sawdust in 5 boxes. The initial plan was to put them in the pond overnight, since it's best to soak the roots prior to planting. But once I got the boxes down to the pond, I realized what a huge hassle that was going to be, so since the vines were already packed in a very heavy plastic bag inside of the box, I just took the buckets and filled up each box with water. Worked out real nice. Then back over to the neighbors to pick up the boxes of bamboo and transfer them over to the vineyard. Had to remove two piles of trash left over from the fence removal and the vineyard was ready to go. Good thing because it's dark now!

Only thing left to do is get up early tomorrow to get diesel for the tractor - now home to bed!

Posted by Stephen at April 15, 2005 10:07 PM