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April 24, 2005

More Grow Tubes

Special thanks to friends and family who helped out today!

Rebecca Mackey
Tiago Stock
Brian Korte
Sue Skemp (mom)

So the order of the day was grow tubes, grow tubes, and more grow tubes. I got out to the vineyard by 8:30 am to distribute materials and get our "production line" setup with a few chairs. So I sat out there for a bit working alone, then Tiago and Brian showed up. Tiago was a little leery of the project, because the last time he was out it was the "deer fence post delivery in the muck" day so I assured him that today would be much easier!

So we got to it, and very soon Rebecca and Shannon arrived and brought down some more grow tubes for assembly. And then it snowed. No shit! Snowing in April - very weird so we decided to set up our tent to keep out of the weather because it looked like it wanted to rain. And then the sun came out - for 15 minutes, then it snowed some more...


And so it went - chatting, assembling grow tubes, and putting them on stakes. We stopped for lunch up in the shack, then got back to it for a few hours. Sue showed up and joined in, then Rebecca, Tiago and Brian took off about 4:00. Sue, Shannon and I worked for another hour then it got really cold and windy so Shannon and Sue took off. I worked for another few hours (until I couldn't move my fingers...) then gave up for the day. Another day of awesome progress, only 4 1/2 rows left to do - check it out.

Check out Tiago's currency conversion site (Ameddica been veddy veddy good to me...) and Brian's blog which was the major inspiration in our deciding to maintain a blog.

Posted by Stephen at April 24, 2005 8:52 PM