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May 4, 2005

Pounding Posts

Trellis construction finally started today! We are having Donny Ulmer of Millcreek Farm Fencing pound in all of our trellis posts. 504 4"x8'line posts (24 rows x 19 posts) plus 96 6"x8' end/brace posts. Each row is 400' long with the posts spaced at 20' (pounded in the ground to a depth of 2') thus the 19 line posts between 2 of the thicker posts used for bracing. The end posts are 8' behind each brace post, pounded in the ground 3.5'.

View the ends

Donnie's team (Phillip and Alejandro) are making great progress with their new post pounder - have a look at this beast.

The rows are lining up very nicely - guess all the running around the field with marking stakes was worth it! Here's a few more pictures:

Looking down a row
View from Sagle Road
View from corner of the vineyard

So it looks like they'll be done by Monday, which means this weekend will be focused on deer fence construction - gotta get that done!!!

Posted by Stephen at May 4, 2005 9:38 PM