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June 25, 2005

More Trellis Wire - War Breaks Out!

Lupe (a.k.a. Rebecca) came out today to help with the trellis wire installation. Whilst I was running wire and hammering staples, she was tying the bamboo stakes and doing some occasional pruning, removing some stray tendrils etc. I got out to the vineyard early to get a head start on running wire so she wouldn't have to wait on me. Nothing like a quiet morning in the vineyard to catch up on one's digital media news via podcasts!

Rebecca showed up around 9:30 and we were in full swing. The day started to heat up pretty quickly - makes you kind of goofy after a while!

The crew (also check out the herbicide progress)
Crazy from the heat

We took a much-needed lunch break (jumped in my truck and cranked the air conditioning!) Got back to work and put in a few more hours until it was time to call it a day, around 3:30. Time to go sponge off a friend with a pool!

Today's progress
View the vineyard

One other important point - WAR broke out today! Our territory has been invaded.

View the enemy

Tomorrow I shall return fire with all guns blazing.

Posted by Stephen at June 25, 2005 9:12 PM