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June 18, 2005


OK so I made up a new word. I kinda combined "technophile" (my Mon-Fri description) and "hillbilly" (my Sat-Sun description) into a word that I think describes me pretty well - TechnoBilly. Perhaps the best illustration of this point would be the following picture - note the fashionable Mexican straw hat (made in China), the tool belt, the krusty shoes (all representing "Billy") and now notice the Creative Zen Micro MP3 player (representing the "Techno") and you see what I mean...

View a TechnoBilly

Good grief.

So anyway, today's chores involved running trellis wire and securing the bamboo stakes to the wire. The trellis wire is stapled to the posts at a height of 42" which is the height for the Smart-Dyson configuration. Then each bamboo stake is secured to the wire. I chose to try UV-resistant nylon cable ties. Obviously the UV resistance is critical since these are supposed to last a few years, at least until the bamboo in the ground decomposes, by which time the vines should be nice and woody and structurally sound on their own.

Nylon ties

It's so nice to finally be working on the vines again, not just hacking away at the deer fence every weekend. And since some of this was light-duty tasks, Shannon was able to come out and help - if our midwives are reading this I promise she took it easy. :)

Shannon tying stakes

So it was a nice day and a welcome change - this vineyard thing is starting to make sense again!

Posted by Stephen at June 18, 2005 8:32 PM