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July 6, 2005

Data Pull

Good grief has it been two months already!? Sure has - time to pull the data off the temperature loggers. Haven't created the .pdfs yet but will get to that soon.

Also needed to check on the success of the last Sevin application (1qt/ac vs. 2qt/ac) The vines looked to be happier due to the downpour we had last night, and I only saw one active beetle (who was eliminated manually...) I guess the lighter application is working well enough - we'll see how things are looking this weekend.

Took a few pictures so you can check out the vine progress. Here's one of last year's research vines doing doing pretty well. And here is one of this year's cabernet franc vines, well over the four foot mark (recall the trellis wire is at 42").

Looks like this weekend will just be another spraying day, although it looks like rain on Friday/Saturday so I'll probably be out there on Sunday. But I am pondering removing the tubes soon - so maybe I'll do that Sat because it is such a huge pain in the ass leaning out over the edge of the tractor spraying down the tubes, and I've seen some of the other vineyards in the area have already pulled their tubes, but others haven't. Have to make some phone calls...

Posted by Stephen at July 6, 2005 9:09 PM