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July 2, 2005

Trellis Wire Complete

Well let's just say 99.9% complete. All the wire is in place and secured, and all the stakes are secured except for 60 on the last row. Seems when I ordered the nylon ties I got shorted one bag of 100 thus I came up short. Isn't that assine? I've been working like a dog for 8 months and come to the final step and can't finish because some stockboy can't count to 20. Sigh. Anyway I just have to pick up a bag of UV-resistant nylon ties and 15 minutes later I'll be done with the trellis wire. The final piece of this year's construction will be the trellis bracing, but there is no pressure to complete that right away since there isn't that much stress on the trellis wire yet (not like in a couple years when there is several hundred pounds of grapes hanging out in a thunderstorm - need bracing then!)

Once that was done I had to apply another round of Sevin XLR to prevent the beetles from enjoying the vines. Since it appeared to me that some of the vine leaves may have gotten burned down in the tubes from the Sevin (impossible to get an even spray down the tube, so I suspect some of the leaves got a lot more than others...) I decided to go with a lighter mixture of 1 quart per acre vs. the 2 quarts per acre I sprayed last weekend. In speaking with Jim McKenzie our chemical supplier, he said that the 2 quarts was the spec for a full canopy so it should be fine to go with a bit less. I'll drop by mid-week to see how the application is holding up.

Three and a half hours of spraying and it's pool time, with no vineyard chores scheduled for the rest of this three day weekend!!! I haven't had that much time off on a weekend in a very very long time, and it is gonna feel great.

Posted by Stephen at July 2, 2005 9:00 PM