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August 3, 2005

Shannon Returns!

Tonight was a great night in the vineyard - Shannon was able to join me for some vine tying! She has been missing the vineyard quite a bit, not being able to help out during the later stages of pregnancy. Still it's tough to leave the baby even for a little bit, but my mom came over to watch Tristan and Shannon helped out for a couple hours. It's nice being able to work together out there - reinforces one of the big reasons we embarked upon this venture. Plus Grammy gets some good "alone time" with the baby.

So she jumped right in and started tying vines, but to ensure her safety as well as the baby's she opted to wear rubber gloves and long sleeves to eliminate any chance of the fungicides on the leaves contacting her skin. Ya never know, and it's not worth the risk...

She headed home about 8:00 and I worked a little while longer until it was too dark to see, then called it a day. Good times.

Posted by Stephen at August 3, 2005 9:24 PM