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September 24, 2005

Brunch Preparations

Tomorrow is our first big legitimate vineyard party! As a "thank you" to all the family and friends who pitched in the past two years to help us out, Shannon and I decided to host a brunch. One of the reasons we got into this business was for exactly this reason - to be able to enjoy the results of the year's work by sharing it with those closest to us.

I got off to an early start today by loading up lawn chairs, tables, and tents onto the trailer, then headed off to the vineyard. Arrived at 7:30 am and did a little more work on the rock wall then began tying vines. Rebecca showed up around 11 and started helping with the vine tying. Weather was great - overcast and high 70s. I can't tell you enough what a difference that makes! What a great change from suffering in the heat. Put on the MP3 player and really enjoyed listening to tunes working the vines. Stopped about 3 pm to go get diesel for the tractor while Rebecca continued to tie (until Shannon and Tristan showed up to visit then it was talky time...)

Got back and started mowing around 4 pm and around 5:30 or so my brother Jim and his wife Shayna came by for a visit. I kept mowing while they and Rebecca set up the food tent for tomorrow. They took off once it started to get dark and I kept mowing until I couldn't see the edges where I had mowed anymore. I believe that had something to do with my tractor headlights. Make that headlight. And I'm not so sure that headlight (1) is aimed properly because as I got near the edge of the vineyard the trees were lit up as bright as day but I couldn't see the grass 5 feet in front of me. Good grief can anything just work...? Time to go home and play with Tristan.

Posted by Stephen at September 24, 2005 9:36 PM