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September 17, 2005

Vine Tying #8

Last week I was wondering how the Rely herbicide would impact any grape leaves it touched. Well the short answer to that is "devastation" - any leaf that got the Rely on it is well, gone. But the good news is that it works as indicated - the vine does not get killed, yet all the weed growth in the rows is gone. Seems the Rely works a bit faster than glyphosate (Roundup) as well. So the vineyard is looking good again, much better than the disaster I was faced with last weekend. Today's chores are simple - tying vines again. However, in an effort to make sure the rows look as tidy as possible for our brunch next weekend, I took a different approach to the tying, opting to start tying the first 100' of each row closest to where we are going to host the party, that way if I don't finish then at least it "looks good" :)

So I put in about 7 hours, and didn't finish but that's OK I have next Saturday to keep at it. I topped off the day with a bit of hard labor as I was leaving - I've decided to relocate the rock wall I'm going to put in at the entry gate coming in from Sagle Rd. That's what stupid people do in the the mid-day heat - they move rock walls. Wasn't too bad, as I only had one layer down. I had to move all the rocks to the side so I could lay down some landscaping plastic to prevent weeds from growing up through the rocks, then put the first layer back on the plastic. The purpose of the relocation was to 1) move the wall out from the driveway a few feet to make room to get equipment in off the road and 2) move it away from Sagle Rd. a few feet. Rocks heavy, sun hot, OK I lost interest in this project after about an hour and headed home. This is feeling like a winter project!

Posted by Stephen at September 17, 2005 4:25 PM