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October 8, 2005

Rainy Day Tying Vines

Had a bit of rain today, but what a welcome relief after toiling in the summer sun. Memom came over to the house to watch Tristan so Shannon could join me in the vineyard for a few hours. Today's task was to finish tying up the rest of the cabernet franc vines in preparation for dormancy to ensure the vines are in the proper position before setting wood. Hopefully this should make pruning chores a lot easier come March, as we'll already have good cordons secured to the trellis wire.

So nice to have just the two of us out there working - very peaceful. Days like today are what it is all about. Shannon spent about four hours out with me before heading back so Memom could take off. I finished up two more rows and called it a day - time to head home and play with the baby!

Posted by Stephen at October 8, 2005 9:11 PM