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October 22, 2005

Vine Tending Done For The Year

Today I finished tying up the last of the viognier. Nothing more to do to these vines until pruning season in early March. Feels kind of weird, not having any vine work hanging over my head. Not to say there's nothing left to do - now I can begin on the remaining projects for the year:

1) End-brace construction
2) Marking the new rows for next spring's planting
3) Subsoiling the new rows
4) Laying down lime and soil amendments for the new rows
5) Installing foliage wires on the existing trellis (6 wires per row x 25 rows)

So if I can bust ass in November/December it's looking like I'll have January and February off! Of course something will come up, probably having to do with the new house (we'd like to resource some of the existing wood in the old place to use in the new) so maybe I can take a day or two to pull out some of the interesting pieces before the bulldozers come in...

Posted by Stephen at October 22, 2005 3:48 PM