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December 18, 2005

End Braces Completed / Marking New Rows

Today I finished up the last of the end braces, which almost completes the trellis for the 2005 planting. Only task remaining is to run the catch wires we'll need for next year, but that can wait until February or March.

Check out the braces.
Another look.

Once that was done, I had to mark out the rows for next spring's planting. It actually turned out to be pretty easy, since I already had one acre marked (we thought we were going to plant three acres last year but only did two, so the third was already marked). So the new work really only consisted of putting three new rows on either end of the existing vineyard. Still, it has to be very exact so as to keep the geometry correct. Interestingly enough, as I was stretching out the tape measure to put in the new marks, I could go back to the marks from last year and find pieces of the bamboo marking sticks still in the ground from last year. Thus I was very confident everything was lining up properly. So after a couple hours of walking back and forth, the rows were marked:

Three new rows.
Looking across.

Typically I would have considered this an easy day, but I had a stomach virus yesterday and was still feeling pretty wiped out. So what better way to recuperate than trudging through a vineyard in the mud... Not so much.

Posted by Stephen at December 18, 2005 4:36 PM