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December 27, 2005

New Fence - Post Installation

I got to take the week off from AOL between Christmas and New Years, so what better way to relax than by building a fence. Our property sits open along Sagle Road, and we get quite a few people trespassing on our property (hunting and fishing). And yes there are signs posted, but some people just suck. Not that a fence would keep everyone out, but hopefully it will reinforce the point that our place is not a free-for-all.

Have a look before I got started (you can see some orange marks where the posts will go).
Another look.

I had several 10' posts left over from the deer fence installation so I figured I may as well put them to use. I cut them in half with the chain saw, and dug all the holes with the auger on the tractor. After all the holes were dug, it was just a matter of getting the holes adjusted to the proper depth so each post would be 42" high. Drop in the post, backfill a little dirt, level the post and finish filling in the dirt.

Holes dug, some posts installed.
Left side posts done.
Right side posts done.

Posted by Stephen at December 27, 2005 5:16 PM