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December 29, 2005

Running Errands Twice - Spreading Fertilizer

Lots of errands to run today - had to borrow a friend's truck to go pick up more boards from 84 Lumber, then the fertilizer from Tri-County Farm Supply in Berryville, VA. After that I made a quick trip to Carlyle and Anderson to talk to Bo Carlyle about the new tractor we're planning on purchasing. More on that later... Swung by Tractor Supply to pick up a 12' galvanized gate for the fence.

Ran a few other personal errands then headed to the vineyard to hook up the cone spreader and drop the amendments. Same drill as last year, only this year it went a lot quicker since I just had to do the three new rows on either side. Two passes for the lime and two passes for the fertilzer and that was it.

Once that was done I went back over to work on the fence. I put the gate up to check the fit and realized that a 12' gate was not going to work on posts that were 14' feet apart. Sonofabitch. Remember yesterday when I didn't have enough lumber? Now today I have a gate that is 2' too short. Not happy. Gate in truck, drive to Winchester, exchange gate. And of course they have to announce the exchange over the PA system -- "customer service needed outside to exchange a 12' gate for a 14' gate" -- why not just add "for the dumbass who didn't bother to use a measuring tape..."

Took the new gate to the vineyard and decided to call it a day. Before I do something else stupid (like put a dent in my friend's truck but I'm so pissed about that I can't even write about it...)

Posted by Stephen at December 29, 2005 7:18 PM