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March 12, 2006

Cabernet Franc Pruning

Back to the pruning today. I got into the vineyard around 11, and Shannon dropped Tristan off at her mom's and joined me a little later. We had an easy, enjoyable day working up and down the rows together, and knocked out four more rows, which leaves us four rows to finish next weekend and then I can start pulling trellis wire.

Shannon and Tamra

Vine before pruning / training

Vine after

Shannon took a little break after finishing a row to go joyriding in the tractor - nothing like taking a spin around the vineyard with a simple-minded doggie chasing you (Gypsie of course). Figure we may as well play in the tractor a bit so it's not always "just work".

As we were finishing up, our neighbor Karelyn and her two kids Ashley and Jackson came by for a visit. I had promised the kids rides in the tractor, so took each on for a spin around the land. Jackson is a big fan of the loader - the "big scoop" as he calls it. :) Since we actually aren't living at the vineyard, Karelyn and her husband Jerry are kind enough to let us keep the tractor at their place so they can keep an eye on it for us - tractors do go missing in the country!

We headed home around 3:30 and Shannon went to pick up Tristan while I laid down to nurse some muscle strains - still getting back into "vineyard shape" this time of the year. Will toughen up over the next few weeks pulling trellis wire and working on my rock wall entrance for sure.

Posted by Stephen at March 12, 2006 7:05 PM