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March 19, 2006

More Catch Wire Installation / Arithmetic

Installed more catch wires today. Got two rows done.

For planning purposes, I believe if I operationalize this I can get it down to 2 hours 45 minutes per row, which multiplied out for the 23 remaining rows is 63 hours 15 minutes. Factor in 10% error for mistakes etc. and I'm looking at 70 hours to complete the rows. Minus one weekend for planting and one weekend for a trip to Florida to see Shannon's family, I figure I have five weekends left before early-May which is about when the shoots will be reaching the 8" wire. Possibly sooner given the mild winter we've had.

Currently I'm scheduling myself for 14 hours per weekend in the vineyard, Shannon around 4-6 assuming we can always find a sitter. Budgeting time for building the shed, planting the entrance, herbicide application, mowing, spraying, etc. and this all adds up to one big-ass problem. Oh and did I mention MAYBE planting some Christmas trees? It appears I should have started installing catch wires a month sooner!

Not to worry, just have to call in the troops. In fact, Rebecca and Dan will be out this weekend to pound nails and help string up the wire after I've pulled it out each row. And I think I'll have the boys out one day to swing their hammers to gain a little more time. And if worst comes to worst I can have Quintin and his crew come out to bail me out - now that I think about it I'll probably have them bring hammers with them when they come out to help plant. Yeah, that's the ticket...

Never a dull moment out here!

Posted by Stephen at March 19, 2006 4:17 PM