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April 23, 2006

Background Story

Today was our first real day of shooting interviews for the HGTV Dream House series. Yesterday we did field shots during planting day, and the crew was onsite from 9 AM until 6 PM - it was a long day for everyone. We're still feeling the after-effects of all the work yesterday, but looking at the rain outside I'm so happy that I moved the planting up a day, because it is a mess outside right now.

The crew arrived at 9 AM just as we were getting dressed. George captured some footage of the outside of the rental, as part of our storyline is the fact that we're moving from this cramped one-bedroom rental into our dream house tasting room combo. We gave the crew a quick tour of the house to consider shots and lighting angles, and Chris decided to start doing interviews in the office, using the keyboard and guitars for background. I did an hour or so of interviews, talking about the music side of Notaviva, played back a few original tunes, etc. After taking a break, Shannon came in and we started talking about the numbers - a walk through the contractor estimates, the timber frame contracts, etc.

Then we moved into the living room, and Shannon and I sat on the couch while Chris interviewed us together. The basic setup was positioning a fill light for proper lighting temperature, then Chris would sit right next to the camera and lead us through our story - how we met, the travels back and forth from CT, the vineyard founding - basically all the different components of how this entire dream was devised. So after a while we got much more comfortable having the camera there, as it started to feel like we were telling our story to a friend and the camera just kind of disappeared.

After talking about the background story we pulled out the house plans and talked about all the different aspects of the design, things particular to the vineyard, things particular to the kids, and things that Shannon and I wanted. After doing a few hours of interviews on the couch, we moved into the kitchen, because a huge component of the new house will be the kitchen and they want to capture the difference between the rental and the new one. During all of this shooting, Tristan would go down for a nap, then wake up, so he was in and out of the shots all day, as obviously he is a central part of our story. He was such a good boy, climbing from Shannon to me and back while we were talking on camera.

Once all the interviews were done, we all went outside so George could do a few camera walk-throughs of the house - walking room to room getting footage to clearly illustrate the cramped living conditions we're enduring while building the new home.

Shooting finished up around 6 PM, and we were wiped out! Still, we had enough energy left over to head over to Jim and Shayna's for a relaxing evening visiting the gang. Have to get some rest tonight though, as we have another full day of shooting tomorrow!

Posted by Stephen at April 23, 2006 8:35 PM