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April 28, 2006

Construction Daily

Emailed Leyland to let him know we'll be using Vince's closing attorney. Hopefully he understands - I'm sure he will.

Spoke with Vince and got a status on loan progress - he'll have paperwork finalized Monday. We owe him 2 yrs W2s, last 2 pay stubs and bank statements - will fax on Monday. He checked our credit and called it "impeccable" - that felt great since we've worked very hard for the past three years at minimizing debt ($0 revolving on credit cards) and making every payment on time (boat and car). Those things do matter when you need them most! Thanked him for all of his support and guidance, and offered up a corporate party for his company when construction is done - "The House That Vince Built" :)

Shannon and I did a little brainstorming yesterday and today about a motif for our master suite - currently we're thinking "Old Mexico" with authentic handmade tiles, wrought iron accents, etc. We both have lots of pottery and art from our travels to Mexico, Spain, and South America that we could make a very cozy, unique, sort of 400 year-old Mission vibe. Who knows - last week were set on a sleek Scandinavian spa look, and two days ago it was the Pottery Barn showcase, but who cares this is the fun part!!! Surfing the net and daydreaming!

Posted by Stephen at April 28, 2006 4:15 PM