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April 30, 2006

Grow Tube Follow-Up 2006

Today we finished up the last of the de-suckering and grow tube installation, and almost completed installing the trellis wire tensioner installation. I was feeling pretty tired this morning after the long day yesterday, but very encouraged with the amazing progress we made. Korte showed up early, and I put him to work with Shannon finishing up the de-suckering. Tristan took a nap in his pack-n-play while we worked, and then Tiago showed up so we put him to work assembling grow tubes for the petit verdot. Shannon and Korte finished up the de-suckering, so she headed home with Tristan and Korte and I continued installing tensioners.

Eventually we got to a row that was missing a trellis post, and I was confronted with a task I'd been putting off for a year. At the west side of the vineyard is a hill, and there is a rock vein running across the slope a la the large outcropping I had to backhoe out. So last year when Donny's crew was installing trellis posts, there were two that they couldn't pound in because of all the rock. Thus I had to get my digging bar and posthole digger and manually dig the two-foot holes. What a suck job, reminding me of the deer fence installation last year. But after an hour of banging rocks, I got the posts in place and nailed up the catch wires.

Part of the tensioner installation process is walking each row after the wires have been nailed up to check nail placement, wire tension, etc. As Korte and I were walking a row I noticed that two of the trellis wires had been crossed between two posts, effectively creating a large "X" between the posts. Oh well, since I was too wiped out to pull it all apart we decided to just call it "trellis research..." By now Tiago was done with all the grow tubes, so the three of us just worked on tensioners until I was totally exhausted so we called it a day. Only four more rows left, and we're done!

Posted by Stephen at April 30, 2006 9:38 PM