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April 9, 2006


Time to get the rows cleaned up and ready for planting. This is a relatively simple process, riding around on the lawn tractor towing a small cart behind with the 25-gallon sprayer. I had to create a new rig this year, because the new tractor is not really useful for doing the herbicide spraying. The old tractor wasn't so bad - I could just lean over the side and spray downwards onto the weeds, but not possible with the cab. So I bought a small cart at Tractor Supply, and built a wiring harness to keep everything nice and tidy - check it out.

It took about three hours to get the vineyard and deer fence sprayed, but it's pretty easy work. And to make the chore a little more comfortable, I bought a full face respirator which is a thousand times more comfortable than a nose/mouth mask with face shield. View respirator image.

Posted by Stephen at April 9, 2006 9:45 PM