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April 2, 2006

Jamming on the Catch Wires

Busy, busy, very productive day today! Another early start, and jumped right on paying out catch wire for the rest of the spools that I had on hand. Ran out of wire with six rows left, but that's OK because progress has been great - will swing in to Tractor Supply this week and pick up six more rolls to finish up the cab franc.

Once I ran out of wire, I started hammering nails attaching the wire to the trellis posts. I decided to stop hammering once I finished the viognier, both because it was a good stopping point, as well as I needed the use of my right hand for AOL tomorrow!

With plenty of daylight left, I decided to work on installing tensioners to tighten the slack in the attached wires. Managed to install six rows of tensioners before calling it a day. Current status of the catch wires (out of 12 viognier and 12 cab franc rows requiring installation) is:

-- 12 viognier and 6 cab franc rows wire payed out
-- 12 viognier rows wire hammered to the posts
-- 9 viognier rows tensioners installed

Hopefully I'll finish paying out wire next weekend, then that leaves the upcoming grow-tube crew to help finish up the hammering. Getting close!

Posted by Stephen at April 2, 2006 8:55 PM