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April 16, 2006

Landscaping Continued / Wire Pulling Finished

Another rainy day for landscaping. Started off the morning with a trip to Meadows Farms to get another slender hinoki cypress for the north side of the entrance gate. Also needed some more golden barberry and additional white geraniums (thought we were going to have to replace all the ones that got destroyed by last weekend's frost but looks like they are going to make it!) Shannon met me at the vineyard and we got everything planted except the geraniums. We ran out of mulch, so decided to put the remaining planting off for another weekend. Sprayed the fenceline with herbicide to minimize mowing and weedwhacking chores. Still need to finish up the rock walls but that can get done any time - plants have to get in the ground now.

Once we were done planting, Shannon headed home to relieve mom from babysitting duties and I went into the vineyard to pull the last of the trellis wire. Took about three hours to finish up, but finally all the wire is pulled. Now we just need to get it all hammered in place, but we have a ton of friends and family on the way to help out in a few weekends so that will be a huge help!

Entry landscaping 1
Entry landscaping 2
Entry landscaping 3

Posted by Stephen at April 16, 2006 10:08 PM