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April 8, 2006

Rainy Day / Pulling Wire / Landscaping

Today was a good day to be a duck. Woke up sometime around 3 AM to the sound of a downpour. Lovely - lots to do in the vineyard and rain or no rain it has to get done. So I got up early and headed over to Meadows Farms in Leesburg to pick up plants for the landscaping at the entry to the vineyard from Sagle Road. Decided to put on my full rain suit, which turned out to be a good idea. I was the only person in the nursery, except for the employees who stood in the greenhouse looking out at the idiot buying trees. Picked up 6 slender hinoki cypress, 20 golden barberry, and a couple flats of white geraniums. Everything is supposed to be deer resistent - we'll see...

Left Meadows, swung through Starbucks for a yummy treat and then off to the vineyard. Dropped the trailer at the entrance to wait for Shannon to help with the planting. I figured while I wait I may as well pull out some trellis wire. Only problem with that plan is because of the rain I was not able to drive up and down the rows. Our vineyard has a hill at one end, and when the ground gets soggy it is too tricky to maneuver around up there. Definitely run the risk of sliding sideways into the trellis end posts, which I'm guessing would work wonders on a truck door.

So I decided to just play it safe (if you've been following this blog you've probably just spit out your drink in disbelief at me saying that...) thus I parked at one end of the rows with the rear of the truck facing the row, attached the spool to the hitch, and walked each line out one at a time. Definitely more time-consuming, but there is no sense in sitting around. And in it's own way, it's kind of enjoyable, bundled up in a rain suit, headphones on, listening to some mellow New Age tunes whilst walking up and down the rows pulling wire.

Shannon made it over around 1 PM so we jumped right in to the planting. The vision I had in my head didn't work out exactly - essentially we need to buy more plants. I had planned on 2 cypress on one side and 4 on the other, but needed 5 instead. So we need another cypress and a bunch more barberry because we used them all up on one side as well. Still, we had a good time planting and really enjoyed being out there with each other. Whenever we're doing something like that it just makes the dream seem that much closer.

Yes, that's Shannon in there!

Finished up around 3:30, so Shannon went home to relieve my mom who pitched in to babysit Tristan. Since it was still daylight, I decided to pull more wire until I couldn't take another step. Productive day though - only two rows left needing wire (then a lot of hammering, but the big crew will be onsite in a couple weeks to help out with that!) As I was pulling out of the vineyard I bumped into mom, who came by to inspect the day's activities. We got an A+ for our efforts, and another A+ for Tristan being such a good and snuggly grandson! :)

Posted by Stephen at April 8, 2006 9:32 PM