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April 17, 2006

Stuck Backhoe

This morning I called Rentals Unlimited to advise them their nice backhoe was buried up to it's belly in the mud. The guy on the phone said they could come out to tow it out, but said he'd have to check with the manager to see when they could do it. Hold please. Sure. After a minute or so, he comes back and says "We don't do recovery anymore - you have to figure this out. Call us when it's free and we'll come pick it up." Well fuck you too.

So I start calling around to truck recovery places and finally find someone who can help out, Mark's Recovery in Frederick, MD. So the guy on the phone asks how much the backhoe weighs and I tell him 6 tons to which he politely chuckles and says he'll send over his "small recovery truck" for such a little job. Sure buddy you do that. So I race over to the vineyard to meet the truck and up pulls their "small" truck. Admittedly I have no experience in this sort of thing, but after talking with the driver I realize that these guys pull 18-wheelers out of construction sites for fun, and that this little backhoe job is silly. Fine. They back their little truck up to the backhoe and pull out these two cables that look like they could lift an aircraft carrier and hook up to the tie-down points on the rear of the backhoe. Of course they want me to sit inside and put the backhoe in reverse so I can take over when it hits the bank of the creek. Not what I had in mind - I was hoping to watch through the window of my neighbor's house across the street. Whatever, I hop in and get a front-row seat for the action. The driver moves the hydraulic lever and up comes the backhoe like lifting a toy tonka truck out of a sandbox - I am not kidding when I say the recovery truck engine didn't even slow down when the hydraulics were engaged. Totally awesome. Thanks very much, here's your $290 you fellas have a nice day. Called Rentals Unlimited to come pick up their muddy-ass backhoe. Happy Monday morning!

A very stuck backhoe
This is NOT good
The little tow truck

Posted by Stephen at April 17, 2006 10:24 PM