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May 9, 2006

Construction Daily

Went to settlement this morning at Monarch Title in McLean. Vince met us there, and the signing of the many scary documents with very big numbers went quite well. We have until May 8, 2007 to get this house built or else...

Got confirmation from Mike Mustard of Pike Electric that they would install the power pole tomorrow for the time-lapse camera. $200 for the pole and $200 for labor. Not bad for the installation of a 45' pole. Have to go to the site tonight to mark the spot with a bamboo stick and sign so they know exactly where to put it, and leave a check in the door. Also spoke with Lori Legler and Sean from High Noon about the pole placement, and they want the big dead oak tree removed before the camera install to ensure it isn't in the shot. Sean called Ron directly to coordinate.

Got a call from the Loudoun County Health Inspector who was onsite to confirm the well abandonment. The well drilling company had come by and removed the cap from the well, pulled up the pump, hose and electrical wiring, and filled the entire thing with concrete. Judging by the pile of hose, wire and mess they left in the front yard looks like the well was about 150' deep.

Talked to Ron and the health inspector spoke to him after he had called me, and it looks like this guy has a grip on what Ron is planning to do with crushing the old septic when they come to do the house demo. If the rest of the county dept. approves the plan Ron won't have to make two trips, one to abandon the septic and another to demo the house, saving us money. Otherwise Ron will do the abandonment next week.

Posted by Stephen at May 9, 2006 7:57 PM