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May 11, 2006

Supply Runs / Frustrations

Yesterday was my last day at AOL. Shannon and I have resigned to take executive positions with Viva Entertainment, the production company founded by our friend Lorne Greene and his wife Emily. I'll be President of Production and Shannon will be VP of Sales and Marketing. Seems pretty absurd to think I quit my job yesterday when I signed a $1.2 million dollar construction loan the day before. Seemed like a good idea at the time... Anyway, we officially join the company 31-May, but in the interim I'm heading down to South Africa with Lorne to work on a show for Aegis Media. So today in addition to having to run errands and pick up supplies for the vineyard I needed to start getting ready for the trip.

The day started early as I headed down to Tractor Supply in Winchester. On the way, Shannon called and told me I was supposed to be on a conference call with the resort production manager in South Africa in 20 minutes. Uh, OK fine. So pulled in to a gas station, filled up, and dialed in to the conference bridge, which was ridiculous since the line from South Africa kept dropping out. Since the call was a bust, I continued to TSC, grabbed a few items, then headed over to Helena Chemicals to pick up Rely (herbicide), Mancozeb and Dithane (fungicides). Swung through a mall to get a phone charger for the car, then drove in circles for a while trying to find Home Depot, but stumbled upon a Lowes instead. Had to buy a big plastic shed to store chemicals, since the shack will be getting razed in a few weeks and stuff has to come out. Found a pretty nice one, a 6' tall unit that looked pretty easy to assemble. Once out of Lowes, I went next door to Office Max to get a wireless card for my PC and some supplies for the trip. Quick lunch at ChickFilA and then headed home to the vineyard to assemble the shed.

On the way home it begins to rain a bit, steadily increasing as I near home. I pull into the vineyard and unpack the box. Of course it's fucking pouring by now, but that just adds to the romance of the vineyard adventure. As I begin to assemble the shed, it becomes clear that the box was not properly packed at the factory, and that instead of having three left sides and three right sides, I have five lefts and one right. SHIT that means I have to drive BACK to Winchester to exchange the pieces. Very mad. Very. Mad. Soaking wet, I drive back to Winchester (but I took the trailer off so I could drive faster) and once at Lowes I explain the situation to the checkout girl. Her face goes blank and her eyes glaze over in total confusion as I indicate that we need to open another package so I can exchange my two "E" pieces for two "C" pieces. "Maybe you should go inside and talk to Customer Service" is her advice. Fine. In to Customer Service I go, where I again explain the situation to another primate, who says "you need to talk to the checkout girl." OK I am now getting ready to have a fucking aneurism. So now it's time for action - I go outside to the garden center department, pull down another huge box and proceed to open it in the middle of the aisle. I take the two "C" pieces I need, and lay the "E" pieces I hate in the box. On my way out I tell the cashier "please be aware that the mess in the back does not constitute a complete shed kit, and that you have to mark it as defective and remove it from the floor." Her eyes roll back in her head, and she mutters "Welcome to Lowes" like some android who has gotten out of it's program. Bye, and my sincere apologies to the next poor sap who buys a fucked up shed from Lowes - I really did try.

So great, now I have my correct pieces but my entire day schedule is blown (I was supposed to go to Leesburg to get some new clothes for the trip after assembling the shed) but since I had to backtrack to Winchester that plan was dead. So switching everything around I went in to the mall in Winchester to pick up some dress shirts and slacks from the department store. Cool - got that mission accomplished. So on my way home Shannon calls from my brother's place where we're supposed to be having dinner, so I head over there (still a bit damp mind you) for a quick visit and some Chinese. Once over there, I realize that I never stopped to pick up the trailer again, which I need to take the mower over to the vineyard tomorrow to spray. Aneurism approaching. So at 9:00 PM I decide that since I have to go by the vineyard anyway I may as well go the whole way into Charles Town to the Wal-Mart to pick up the few remaining things I need for my trip. Into Charles Town, back to the vineyard to get the trailer, back home, in bed by midnight. Good grief.

Posted by Stephen at May 11, 2006 9:40 PM