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June 11, 2006

More Fun With Sprayers

It just doesn't seem fair. After all the bullshit last week with the old sprayer, then having to run down to Winchester to buy a new sprayer, it doesn't seem fair that the new one would be faulty. But sure enough, today I noticed it was leaking. My tip=off was the line of dead grass running the whole way across the vineyard, so I started looking around the sprayer and sure enough, the hose attachment to the filter was leaking. Unreal. So I decide to finish up the spraying anyway before taking it back and you absolutely will not believe this but now the pressure switch isn't working. So the sprayer won't spray. Nothing. Nada. Nyet. I was sooo happy at this moment I just threw a fit, and started beating the sprayer pump with the wand and lo and behold it started working. Even more unreal. Great, so now the plan is to finish up the herbicide spraying and take this piece of shit back to exchange it for another piece of shit. I think I'll just start building trips to Tractor Supply in Winchester into my schedules because at this rate I'll need a new sprayer every two months when I spray herbicide.

Anyhow, I get it working and manage to spray everything except one row, but the events which transpired and precluded me from spraying that row are too traumatic I can't recount them here, nor the way I managed to put a hole in the deer fence bad enough to require a patch.

It was not a fun day to be in the vineyard, and definitely one of the top five I'll look back upon when I recall the worst moments of all.

Posted by Stephen at June 11, 2006 7:20 PM