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July 21, 2006

Hedging Viogner

Time to trim the vigor - went out to the vineyard this evening after work to put in a few hours. Got a lot to do to get ready for VIVA day on Tuesday, when we're bringing everyone from our new company out to the vineyard to check it out. Hedging is essential to manage the canopy vigor, which can cause shading of the fruit and excessive herbaceous character in the wine. Since our canopy is still so young, we didn't have to buy any special equipment this year (probably will have to next year) and I was able to walk up and down the rows using my pruners to trim the excess vines. The rule of thumb was that any shoots that had grown over the top catch wire and were sticking so far out into the rows that they were drooping down got cut back to about one foot above the wire. Seems crazy to say, but some of the shoots had grown 10-12 feet since April! Can't imagine how big the canopy will be next year.

Worked until dark and finished up the viognier. Will do the cab franc tomorrow.

Posted by Stephen at July 21, 2006 11:04 PM