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July 22, 2006

More Hedging And Sprayer Disaster

Last night I got the viognier hedged, so this morning I began on the cab franc. Since it is generally more vigorous, progress was much slower but I was able to move through the entire acre in about three hours. On the down side, I discovered why they sell those chain mail pruning gloves. As I was pulling down a few intertwinded shoots to cut them off I couldn't really see where my left hand was and almost cut the tip of my left forefinger off. Big ouch - got lucky though and only sliced in about a quarter inch. Band aid, keep moving. Then the day really turned to shit...

You will know if you follow this blog that I have been plagued by sprayer problems. Today's spraying chore was another application of herbicide in the rows to keep the weeds down under the vines. Should be easy. Idiot. Last time I sprayed you may recall the sprayer leaked all over the place so I exchanged it for a brand new one. Thus today's spray was with a shiny new sprayer - never been used. I filled the tank and got about 10 rows done and needed to refill. Since we don't have a water supply yet, I have to go over to the neighbors to get water. So as I'm driving back from the neighbors, I pull into our driveway and head down the hill to go to the vineyard when the lawn tractor starts picking up speed. Suddenly the tow cart in which I keep the sprayer ROLLS OVER and almost flips the mower. So I come to a very rapid halt, hop off the mower to take in this clusterfuck I've just created. Picture if you will a 30-gallon sprayer rolling down the hill dragging a tow cart by a rubber hose. Oh I was so pissed - obviously the weight of the sprayer pulled the tow cart over and knocked the pump off. I rolled the cart back up on two wheels (actually rolled it to the other side to straighten out the bent tongue) then tried to pick up the sprayer tank. Yeah right - 240 pounds of chemicals. That's when I lost it. I went and found a big rock and started smashing the fucking sprayer to bits. Over and over I pounded that sprayer with the rock until there was a busted tank leaning against a tree and shrapnel (that used to be the pump) laying everywhere, and the spraying wand bent in a U-shape. Oh I was so pissed. Don't think they'll exchange this one.

Now I have to head down to Winchester to buy YET ANOTHER FUCKING SPRAYER. In the two years we've been doing this vineyard nonsense I've gone through 6 sprayers. Down to Winchester, back to the vineyard, finish the spraying. I'll mention now that they didn't have the deluxe model which I've been using, only the standard model, so I bought that and finished spraying the vineyard thinking that all would be the same. Can you sense the foreshadowing...?

Posted by Stephen at July 22, 2006 9:35 PM