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July 24, 2006

Mowing For VIVA Day

Tomorrow we're having everyone from our new company come by to check out the vineyard and learn more about our endeavor. Since I haven't mowed in a few weeks I figured I'd give the place a nice mow for our guests. And you'd think by now I'd have this mowing thing down...?

As I was finishing the very last row, I made a slight turn around the end post and didn't see a piece of lumber sticking out in the path of the bushhog. The piece will eventually be (well it would have...) the brace post, and when the post-pounding team was done installing the trellis posts, they laid down all the brace posts to save me the task. So there it lay, waiting for a hungry bushhawg to happen upon it. All of a sudden I hear this tremendous banging and I stop the tractor to see what the hell. I get out to find this piece of lumber wedged up under the bushhawg, with one of the blades jammed in the wood almost splitting it in two. Since there was no way I could have pulled the wood out, I had to unhook the bushhawg from the tractor, and since it's a six-footer I couldn't pick it up to flip it over. Thus I had to use the front-end loader on the tractor to flip it, then using a sledgehammer I was able to beat the blades free. Flipped it right side up, hooked it back on the tractor, and went the hell home. What a shitty way to end an evening...

Posted by Stephen at July 24, 2006 9:30 PM