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July 30, 2006

Viognier Cordon Wire

Today I started installing the cordon wire for the viognier we planted back in April. I had completed the cordon wire for the petit verdot a few weeks back because they are more vigorous than the viognier and had already reached the cordon height (42") and were looking for something to hang on to! Now the viognier are ready - in fact they were ready a week or two ago but I just couldn't get to it. As a result a couple vines blew over, but will be fine once I get the bamboo secured to the cordon wire.

Got three rows done, then it was time for a fungicide application to keep attacking the black rot. Even though the highest danger from the disease is nearing an end (veraison) I'm still going after it. Today I sprayed Nova, which is a black rot eradicant and should put the death blow on the nasty stuff. We'll see. Pretty cool though, the powder come pre-measured in "dissolving" water-soluble bags, which appear to be made of some kind of gelatin or something. Having never seen these, I was a bit hesitant at first to toss a bag in the sprayer - shit with my luck I'd clog the whole thing up. So I put a little water on the corner of the bag, and sure enough after a few seconds it started to get a little rubbery, then just kinda disappeared. Whacked! So I tossed in two bags and away I went.

Nova - 5 oz per acre.

Posted by Stephen at July 30, 2006 9:07 PM