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April 18, 2008

Removing Pruning Canes

OK this sucks. I spent the past two days removing all the pruned canes from the rows. Basically the process is to use a york rake on the back of the tractor, and create small piles of canes (4-6 per row) and then drive the pickup truck down the rows, then toss in the piles. Then drive the pickup outside the vineyard and dump the canes. Doesn't sound too hard, except when you realize the rake doesn't grab all the canes and you have to walk up and down the rows to get the stray pieces. Then the piles come apart as you're lifting into the truck bed. Then you get poked in the face and other more delicate places by the occasional stray cane. This was really not a fun chore - have to talk to some of the other growers and see what advice they may have on this one. Talked to Doug and he advised "Call Seve and his crew..." The voice of reason!

Posted by Stephen at April 18, 2008 10:00 PM