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June 30, 2009

Vineyard Update

Lots of action out in the vineyard lately. Seve and the guys have gone through the Petit Verdot and the Cabernet Franc and pulled laterals and cleaned out the fruiting zone. Ryan has been working on our first round of hedging, should finish up the Cab Franc tomorrow. He also hit the new plantings with a dose of Rely herbicide a couple weeks back to keep the weeds down. With all the rain we've had this season, the vigor has been off the charts. Our rows are nine feet apart and the vines are already up over the top catch wire and meeting each other in the middle of the rows!

The new planting is looking awesome, with about 95% of the new stock well up out of the grow tubes. Guess all the rain has been useful for them.

Keeping a sharp eye out for the Japanese beetles, which usually begin to make their unwelcome appearance about this time of year.

Had a few equipment mishaps as well lately, nothing new I suppose. Busted the drive shaft to the bushhawg to the tune of $160 for that new part. Bent the step to the tractor cab when I ran over a stump hidden in the tall grass, but was able to "convince" it back into shape with a sledgehammer. Now have a busted mower deck pulley on the riding mower, need a part for that. Tip guard on the chainsaw won't stay in place and we keep dulling chains. Whatever...

Posted by Stephen at June 30, 2009 6:35 PM