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May 31, 2011

First Bottling - 2010 Vintage

Today we bottled the first of our 2010 vintage. It was an incredibly smooth day, both the crew and the bottling line functioning like clockwork. Special thanks to Jeff Blake at Breaux Vineyards for his hard work and unyielding attention to detail.

Shannon and I spent a lot of time blending the new "Vincero" stainless steel-fermented Viognier. The past three vintages have been 100% Viognier, and we felt it was time to evolve the wine a bit. After trying blends with barrel-fermented Viognier, Chardonnay and Vidal Blanc, we were both a bit surprised to find we loved the blend with the Vidal. The Viognier has a wonderful lemony aroma, different than the bright pink grapefruit in years past, and the addition of the floral Vidal has created a completely new identity for this wine. This was my first-ever tank fermentation, and I had a tough act to follow as the previous two years were produced by consulting winemakers Mark and Vicki Fedor over at North Gate. Pretty sure we got it right!

Stainless steel Viognier 88% / Barrel-fermented Vidal Blanc 12%.
Public release fall 2011.

The new "Celtico" Chambourcin is the best yet! A combination of fruit from our grower Ed Reeve and some more we picked up from Breaux, the 2010 is showing intense berry on the nose, and a touch more body and tannin on the palate than in previous years due to an increased addition of Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Lightly filtered with a "rock catcher" filter to allow some of the large particulate through, this wine remains the perfect complement for pizza, pasta and brats on the grill.

92% Chambourcin / 4% Merlot / 2% Petit Verdot / 2% Cabernet Franc
Public release fall 2011.
Shipping NOW as an exclusive pre-release for VIP Club Members.

Posted by Stephen at May 31, 2011 9:21 PM